The backlog keeps growing

I just can’t pass up a good gaming deal. So here’s what I picked up this week.


Mass Effect Trilogy: I don’t know if I will ever play this on PS3, as I don’t have the DLC, but it was $4.49. I at least have the option now to play Mass Effect on PS 3.


Defense Grid 2: I own this as an Xbox One games with gold download. However, that is only temporary and I may be cancelling my Xbox Live subscription in the next year so I figured for $1.49 it’s pretty hard to pass up.

Xbox One:

Stranger of Sword City: I was basically able to pick this up for $10 on Xbox One. I have become intrigued with old school dungeon crawling RPGs and this one caught my interest. My hope is to actually play this sooner than later.

Oxenfree: Similar to Stranger of Sword City I am hoping to play this sooner than later. I know a little bit about what this game is about and it strikes me as something cut from the same vein as Life is Strange which was one of my favorite games in 2015. For $10 it was worth a flyer.

Firewatch: Another $10 or less bargain. Well bargain may be relative, but the $10 price point on this seemed right. I don’t have a burning desire to play this, but knowing it’s a short game adds to the appeal to play it sooner than later. I figured it was worth picking up based on all the positive commentary on this one.

My hope is most of the newer stuff on this list won’t sit in my backlog too long compared to most things I pick up, but we will see. Oxenfree is one I’ve been eying, and Firewatch is short. Stranger of Sword City is something that may be hard to get into because of the gameplay, but I plan to try to at least give it a flyer and see if I can get into it now, or maybe it’s something I come back to down the road.


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