Weekly update: Week ending 3/20/2017

No purchases this week, although I really thought about Axiom Verge for $10 on Xbox One. I decided to hold off because I probably won’t play it anytime soon and it will be on sale again at some point in the not to distant future (maybe even cheaper).

I didn’t get a ton of playing time this week either but did manage to make some progress in a few games:

MLB The Show ’16

I picked up The Show over thee weekend to try and get a couple of games in. I have a Road To the Show character I created that is intended to emulate myself. I am 19 years old and in my second year in baseball. My first year was amazing as I started in Double A ball and ended the season on the Major League roster of my hometown Cleveland Indians. I pitched only 38 innings of Double A ball striking out 58 which got me promoted to Triple A. In Triple A I worked closer to 80 innings and averaged a strikeout per inning and had an ERA around 3.00. It was enough to get me called up to the majors for the stretch run where I pitched about 60 innings averaging a strikeout per inning with a near 3.30 ERA. Talk about one heck of a first year in baseball.

Going into year 2 I was slotted into the number 5 spot in the rotation with the Indians and posted a 5.79 ERA through the first month of the year. May was a strong month where I pitched so well my ERA dropped to 3.30 by early June. Then I just was inconsistent and ended up getting demoted to Triple A in July where I am now. Control issued are killing mr esrly in games where my pitch count is consistently close to 40nafter two innings. That is followed up by 2 or 3 good innings and then as I tire a bad inning or two. Getting more consistency early on and keeping my pitch count down during those first two innings are where my focus is now. Being more consistent with early count fastball location is what I are moving banking on to help me get back to a big step. I became to reliant on my slider are change up early in counts and it just wasn’t working.

My first Triple A start was rough (4 1/3 innings, 3 runs), and my second start was mediocre but at least saw me get to the 6th inning. That brings me to this past weekend. Two starts, 14 1/3 innings, 3 runs (works out to a 1.92 ERA), 16 strikeouts. That includes 8 1/3 innings of shutout ball. So some progress. I am hopeful I can turn this season around and find my way back to the big leagues. After these last two starts I have something to build on.

Persona 3: FES

Very little progress here honestly. I probably played 20 minutes and was able to get through 4 floors in the 5th block of Tartarus. Picked up the Pugilist Fist for Akihiko and that’s about this. As much as I want to get through this game it’s about to take a backseat to Mass Effect Andromeda.

Final Fantasy IX

I played about two and a half hours of this over the weekend. I wrapped up Dagger and Steiner’s stay in Treno and we took Gargan Roo back to Alexandria with Marcus, only to be captured by Zorn and Thorn. Then I climbed Cleyra’s trunk with Zidane, Vivi, Quina, and Freya to meet up with the remaining survivors of Burmecia and watch them unite with thr Cleyrans to perform their ceremonial dance to strengthen the protective sandstorm around Cleyra, only to see the sandstorm dissipate instead which raised questions about what was really going on.

It doesn’t seem like a lot of progress, and really it isn’t, but I just can’t express how much enjoyment I get from  being in the world that Final Fantasy IX has crafted. I spent a lot of time just wandering around Treno and Cleyra taking in the scenes and art work and enjoying the world that Square crafted for this game. Each location has its own unique quirks, art style, and personality. I would love to see a game like this crafted with a modern game engine. It’s just breathtaking as a 17 year old game that at one time was a AAA console release that in 2017 I am able to play on my phone. I am really glad I decided to give this game another go and look forward to just enjoying it in small doses as a mobile game.

Kingdom Rush

Thid past week was a focus on Heroic and Iron challenges from the 12 main campaign levels. I have the Iron challenge on the 12th level remaining and then will spend some time working through campaign levels that open up after the original 12. Honestly, I am a touch burned out on Kingdom Rush and may take a small break to collect my bearings on this one before diving deeper. On the surface this game is simple, but there really is a lot of depth here. I just need a break to catch my breath.
So that’s the past week. Pretty low key. I picked up The Swapper for about five minutes, completed one puzzle and then had to stop because my daughter decided she didn’t want to hang out in the basement and watch her dad play PS4. Next week expect a heavy dose of Mass Effect Andromeda. I know reviews are mixed, but I love that world and will have my impressions. I can’t wait to dive back in.


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